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XEO<sup>®</sup> Laser Genesis

XEO® Laser Genesis

For a Look You’ll Love

If you like laser treatments, then you’ll love XEO® Laser Genesis. Taking a rejuvenating, resurfacing approach to common skin concerns, XEO® uses near-infrared (NIR) Nd: YAG technology to target the skin at a cellular level and stimulate collagen and elastin production. 

In accordance with this, XEO® Laser Genesis also reaches hair follicles to stop unwanted hair growth once and for all. 

XEO® gives you the results you want and alleviates skin concerns such as: 


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The XEO® Laser Genesis Treatment

While treatment is simple, our Estheva specialists are well-versed in XEO® Laser Genesis for better precision and beautiful results. The actual treatment has been described as tolerable and, in some cases, relaxing; the Genesis treatment procedure is very similar to a calming facial. During the session, a handheld device will move back and forth across your skin, creating a sensation of warmth. This process will offer some immediate results while also stimulating collagen growth in your skin.

Am I a Candidate?

This amazing laser treatment is designed to be suitable for all skin types. If you have skin discoloration, rough texture, or other skin issues on your face, neck, or chest you may be a great candidate for Laser Genesis.

What Results Can I Expect?

During your consultation, we will recommend a number of sessions depending on your specific skin needs. Upon completing your sessions, you should see dramatic improvements in the quality of your skin. On average, about six treatments are required to achieve optimal results. Treatment duration may vary depending on your unique concerns and area of focus.

Experience XEO® Treatments in Raynham, MA

Unwanted hair, hyperpigmentation, acne, aging signs, and more can all be diminished thanks to XEO®. At Estheva, we want to give you the best results safely and effectively. We take extra measures for your personal comfort and relaxation. 

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