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Lipolean Injections

Lipolean Injections

Lipolean Injections for Fat Loss

Aid in your weight loss regimen with a lipolean injection with added B Vitamins and amino acids. Lipolean is a highly-effective combination of vitamins and amino acids that have been found to help with additional weight loss. Coupled with B12 and other B Vitamins, this shot quickly boosts metabolism and begins burning unwanted fat

Vitamin B12 works wonders for weight loss. A building block for the body, B12 is a vital nutrient for brain and body function–as well as added immunity. This boosts energy inside the body for optimal performance. 

The extra boost of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids can also assist with the following functions: 

  • Building Muscle
  • Increasing Energy
  • Facilitating Fat Loss
  • Decreasing Appetite
  • Promoting a Healthy Immune System


The Lipolean Injection Treatment

Lipolean injections with B Vitamins and amino acids work when administered into areas of intramuscular fat. Your Estheva Provider can inject into areas such as: 

  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

Results are long-lasting; however, the injections need some time to take effect in the body. It can take up to 30 days to see the results of your lipolean injections. 

Thin woman's backside

The procedure is likely to take under 30 minutes. After a discussion with your Estheva professional, your weight loss will determine the frequency of injections–which typically falls between 1x to 2x per week. A beautiful you will be sculpted before you know it. 

We recommend consulting your healthcare provider prior to treatment to decide if Lipolean injections are right for you. Due to the number of vitamins and nutrients injected, it is important for your doctor to discern whether this procedure is safe for you. 

Lipolean Injections in Raynham, MA

Coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Lipolean injections can work wonders for extra weight loss. Stubborn areas of subcutaneous fat can be treated easily at Estheva Med Spa. We are here to find the best solution for your own beautiful results. 

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$35/30 min. 

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