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Sun Damage

Sun Damage

The Sun’s Effect on Skin

Powerful UV rays may feel great, but they are extremely dangerous for our skin. From premature aging to sun spots, the sun can leave a mark on our complexion if we are not properly equipped. At Estheva, we always advise wearing high-quality sunscreen–rain or shine. 

Sun damage can most commonly appear as sun spots, which range from light to dark brown. They can develop anywhere on the body. It is important to check with your doctor if any symptoms arise with your sun spots such as itching, oozing, or redness. 

If you’re looking to fix the sun spots you do have, there are plenty of options for you. Here at Estheva, we offer multiple treatments to gently heal and diminish sun damage–and bring back a more radiant you.


How Can Estheva Med Spa Help?


If your skin needs an overall refresh, microneedling is an incredibly effective option. By applying tiny pinpricks over certain areas of skin, the skin cells begin to regenerate collagen and elastin–creating your rejuvenated canvas.

Microneedling works for many skin conditions and is a great, non-surgical option to fix skin imperfections. Each treatment is quick and easy–and includes a skin-enhancing product or serum. From vitamins to PRP, Estheva offers the right addition for your skin when receiving microneedling.

Secret RF Microneedling

Like microneedling, Secret RF Microneedling uses the power of cell stimulation to rejuvenate your skin in the areas you need it most. The secret is added radio-frequency (RF) rays to further awaken the collagen-producing cells and bring results for months to come. 

When your skin suffers from sun damage, it is important to regrow the skin with collagen-rich layers, so you look and feel amazing. We understand how hard sun spots can be. At Estheva, we take special care and attention to your skin for the best results possible. 

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Treat Sun Damage at Raynham, MA

Relaxing in the sun is always fun, but seeing sunspots is not! Revitalize your complexion with our series of sun damage treatments here at Estheva. A glowing, radiant you is always possible when you’re in the hands of Estheva professionals. 

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